Crosscan Profi 50 (Dual-System)

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Crosscan Profi 50 (Dual-System)


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Crosscan Profi 50 Dual-System



AM PROFI 50 (Datenblatt)

Full-featured, powerful AM (Acousto-Magnetic) system designed with a focus on strong detection of adhesive labels, reliability, and flexibility. The multi-pedestal AM Controller is an NG (Next Generation) product line that is suitable for any environment, with a performance that ranks at the top of the retail security market.

The AM Controller system excels in large or multiple entrances where it outperforms most of its competitors,Berg-Sicherheit_AM CONT PROFI-X and together with the modern aluminum frame of the PROFI pedestal design is durable yet very aesthetically appealing, with space for advertisement banners. If visual transparency is a priority over printed advertising, our PROFI-X transparent design is the perfect solution.

A fully equipped security solution includes integrated visitor counting, directional alarms, and MetalMagnet detection. It can also be connected to the StoreMonitor cloud or upgraded with wireless communication for easy data collection and maximum security.


• Remote maintenance and diagnostics
• Wireless communication
• StoreMonitor connectivity
• Visitor counting
• MetalMagnet detection
• Advertisement panel
• Smart directional alarms
• Power saving mode
• Additional alarm outputs
• Jammer detector
• Up to 6 pedestals powered with 1 Controller unit
• Tag too close indication


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